Graphic Design

Check out my graphics I have accomplished through school, jobs and free time! Graphic Designing is where I would like to focus my career.

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Photography has been a part of my life for a long time. My gallery shows pictures I have taken for myself and for photography classes through school.

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Other Mediums

Throughout high school and college I have worked with many different Mediums. This is where I show successful work in other mediums.

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About Me

My name is Whitney Danielle Sacksteder. I am a graduate from Purdue Polytechnic New Albany for Computer Graphic Design. I grew up in a small, country town called Martinsburg Indiana. This town is where I learned to love art and the country. Most of my art is based on country aspects because that is what I love to see the most.

I have a wonderful husband, Micah, who continues to push me towards my dreams. We currently live on a farm in Orleans Indiana raising chickens and cattle.

I am a respectful person who gets my responsibilities done no matter the personal cost. I am honest and dependable. I work well in groups and have proven to be a successful group leader. I’m pursuing an advertising graphic design and/or marketing job that is inspiring, challenging, helps me grow creatively, and allows me to continue to learn.

Micah Whitney